Exciting Announcement

I'm excited to announce that I have signed a contract with Cedar Fort Publishers to publish MY novel!

It's expected to be released January, 2019 through all the usual book and E-book venues. I know that sounds like such a long time, and it is! Especially since I've been working on this book for years. But it wasn't all solid typing and editing. Life happened and there were a lot of periods of no working on it at all. I had no idea if I could, or would ever get it published. It was just something that I felt needed to be put "on paper". Once I had the main story written out, a process that only took a few months, I started working on revising and sharing. I felt inspired by the spirit to get my book to a point of completion so I would feel confident enough to send it to publishers. I sent it to about 3 or 4 publishers and a few literary agents and in only 13 days I was floored to see not only a positive response but an offer for a contract from Cedar Fort. A dream come true. A dream that 5 years ago I didn't even know I had! I didn't even know I could write honestly, but my sister wrote a novel (still not published) and it was so good. It inspired me to tell the stories in my head as well.

I was watching an interview of Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, and she said she thought it was normal to always be telling herself stories in her head. That really resonated with me because I have always done that and I did think it was just a normal inner dialogue.

I am so excited and I still can't believe this is happening!!!

Enduring Promises of the Heart, what it's about:

I'm a huge period romance fan and I wanted to write my own and draw off of what I know so it would have the most depth possible. I also wanted the book to be clean, funny, exciting and intriguing. The world is so dark and I am always drawn to bright, lighthearted things because there is enough sadness, darkness and dreariness in the world. When I read, I want to ESCAPE life, I want to see happy endings, humor and people overcoming.... It sounds like my novel is about unicorns and care bears! I assure you it's not.

My story takes place in the 1890's in a seaside town in America. The two main characters are best friends, Mary and Liz. In their sleepy town, a gazette features stories from local writers each week, including Penelope Pottifers Enduring Promises of the Heart (Also the name of my novel). For it's time, Enduring Promises of the Heart is a slightly scandalous, romantic adventure about Lavender and John. Lavender is a shop girl who is the object of Johns affection but her father is a hard man, and he doesn't want her to lower herself to John's station. He is a mountain trapper that has no real future as far as her father can see. They have exciting adventures together with pirates, far off travels and even a dowdy queen.

Everyone is obsessed with reading these short stories, and as they read them, you read them too. There is a story within a story. Each volume from the Gazette is nestled into the novel, weaving in and out of the story of Mary and Liz.

The town Liz and Mary live in simply can't get enough of Penelope Pottifers stories and it has taken over the conversations of everyone.

Mary, however, is also the toughest critic. She finds the stories so engrossing, yet preposterous. She is also preoccupied with figuring out who Penelope Pottifer is, because no one seems to know or where she is from. She drags Liz along on her quest to find the identity of the author.

While searching for Penelope, Liz has a bit of a crush on a local boy. She is unable to form coherent sentences whenever he tries to talk to her. Mary has a few romantic entanglements of her own as well.

Liz and Mary are strong female characters and excellent role models, but also real people with faults and problems that get in their way.

Well, that is all I will give away at this time. Follow me on Facebook for more updates to come!