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Interview with Penelope Pottifer and Blog Tour

The enigmatic Penelope Pottifer, who is she? How does she, so ardently

touch the hearts and minds of the town of Pleasant View? Perhaps an interview can answer some of our readers questions.​


Cathy at posted this review today:

She said:

"I was pleasantly surprised at the plot of this one! It’s not your average romance novel. There is definitely plenty of romance in it, but the author used a creative way to add it... The plot of this one is so much fun! Not only does the reader get the Mary/Liz/Pleasant View plot line. But the reader also gets to read the serial from the paper along with the town. I thought the way the author did this was so clever and creative. Plus it adds a ton of romance and adventure to the plot line in a way nothing else could. Make sure to grab your own copy of this one! You won’t want to miss it!"

For the full review click Here!

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