Newsletter: Trolls, Snow and Book Deals

February is finally here. January does seem like the longest month ever, doesn't it? I find that in Utah, February just sets you up for a lot of disappointment. I don't mean Valentines day, I mean the weather. We get a little bit of warming in February, usually up to 50 or 60 degrees. Everyone gets out their summer clothes, hoping for a warm summer! But inevitably we will all be disappointed when in snows in March and April and there we are out in the cold with our flip flops and capris, sloshing through the ice mud and tears.

Last month was full of firsts and excitement for me. My first Novel was released on the 10th, Enduring Promises of the Heart. I had a really fun Facebook launch party. I had my first reviews, all 5 stars, (thanks Mom! Lol, jk, It wasn't just my mom) and I had my first