Categorically Confused and Book Deals Newsletter

I've been thinking a lot lately about where my book belongs, categorically. As it's been noted by reviewers, this is not your typical romance novel.

Is it Romance? Definitely, there's no shortage of romance in it for sure. There are several romances going on all at once.

Is it Adventure? Yes, there's heaps of adventure, both real life, coming of age type adventure, and fantasy adventure.

Is it Historical Fiction? Yes, it takes place in 1887 in anywhere USA.

Is it Humorous/ Comedy/ Satire? Yes, it's supposed to be funny. If you like Victorian humor... And it features satire on the overly dramatic, unrealistic, romance of the time.

Is it Drama? Yes. There's a lot of drama, people die, cry and fight.

Is it Clean? Absolutely. There is only some very mild violence (pirates, you know?) and some kissing.

You can preview the first two chapters on Amazon. And a secret for my subscribers, it will go on sale (40-60% off!) in the next couple months, so stay tuned!


I've been feeling down this week because it keeps snowing and I want it to be spring. So if you are feeling down as well, here's some books that will brighten up your week!

Book Deals and Highlights!

Book Hub is having a big giveaway and it includes Enduring Promises of the Heart by Yours Truly and 6, yes 6 other books PLUS an Amazon gift card!

Book Hub Giveaway!

The Secrets of Haversham House

is by fellow Cedar Fort Author Julie Matern. It looks great and it's also on sale!

Eighteen-year-old Francesca Haversham is privileged, beautiful and naive. Lineage, titles and wealth are the ultimate virtues among nineteenth-century English aristocracy, and Francesca is elite society's newest and most celebrated debutante from one of England's most illustrious families. Her pedigree is impeccable - or is it?

Her coming-out ball brings with it the appearance of one Mr. Langley Ashbourne, and Francesca is immediately taken in by his handsome features and flattering words. But not everything is as it seems, and flowery comments can only hide dark truths for so long. Meanwhile, a long-buried secret creeps ever closer to the light, one that would destroy her comfortable life, tarnish her family's character, and ruin all hopes of a reputable marriage.