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Free Prequels for Subscribers!

Welcome to my new subscribers and thank you to all for joining my newsletter! Last week I promised I would release a prequel to my novel Enduring Promises of the Heart, this week. It is finished and will be available here. It contains no spoilers and will hopefully be a continuing story until it catches up with the novel. If you enjoy it, feel free to share it with your friends.

I'd like to have a new one out every week, but the reality is that I don't think I can-- So I don't want to promise that I will. But you will be the first to know when the next prequel comes out!


Books were not shipping from Amazon due to them being out of stock and the publishers warehouse also being out of stock. I got a notification this morning that the book I sent to a friend was shipped this morning! So good news, if you have been waiting for your copy it should have shipped by now!

Books of Note:

Across Unstill Waters

Ben Stephenson dreams of building his fortune along the trade routes of America’s western rivers. But first, he must keep a promise to a dying friend whose younger sister has fallen prey to their unscrupulous stepfather’s greed and cruelty. When the little girl starts exhibiting strange behavior, Ben is forced to dredge up demons from his past he thought long buried, in order to keep his promise and ensure her safety.

Lehi, Lehi, What do you see?

Journey through the Book of Mormon with beloved characters like Lehi, Nephi, Ammon, and Captain Moroni. From Lehi's departure from Jerusalem to Moroni's golden plates, this engaging, rhyming book introduces children to the major stories of the Book of Mormon. Help your children develop a love for the scriptures from a young age with this adorable board book.

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