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Announcing My NEW 460 page novel!

There's a lot of emotional baggage that goes with this novel because it's almost my story. Sure, it's mostly been conceptualized and fictionalized but it's something that I feel is so close to my heart. Something that I experienced, in a way. There were so many times when I didn't think I could get through another chapter but I pushed through because I knew that you, my readers, would want to read this book.

It all started when I was a small girl and the very first time I saw it I knew that someday I would need to share this story. It was so hard knowing what I knew, I couldn't tell anybody. But I would need to tell somebody or else it, would eat me up inside. I didn't want to become a shell of a person, so many years ago I started to tell the story. There may be things that you find hard to believe but I swear to you that this was something that I had to do, it was something that I had to bear, it was heartbreaking. And so without further ado, I happily announce my new novel...

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