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Finally a Sequel! Enduring Promises of the Heart II!

I have been such a naughty blogger, but let me explain why! I have been so busy with so many wonderful things. I wish I had done better at documenting them as I went but that is thing about being busy!

I started a new job at Cedar Fort Publishing and Media, the very place that published my first novel, Enduring Promises of the Heart. I host the podcast which has been a dream job! I get to talk to authors of all genres, every week and pick their brains. Whether it be a fiction romance author or a Non- Fiction scholar on his commentary of the bible; It's been a wonderful, learning and growth experience for me. I tell people regularly that I shouldn't get paid because I love it so much.

On top of the wonderful experiences I've had with my new job, I also have the opportunity to publish my second in the series novel! I'm so excited about this, it's a dream come true! It will come out in June and is in the BETA reader stage right now! If you haven't read my first novel, it's a fun and witty story within in a story romance. You will guaranteed have fun and be entertained with drama, wit and romance. It is available on Kindle Unlimited and wait! More news! The audiobook should be done early in the new year!

It will be a dramatized audiobook with both male and female voice talents, music and even sound effects! I can't wait to hear how it brings the story to life and you will hear it just the way I heard it in my head as I wrote it.

So, stay tuned! There are so many fun things to come! Below are links to my book and my podcast!

Enduring Promises of the Heart

Cedar Fort Publishing and Media: Behind the Scenes podcast Spotify


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