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I hate this topic, but I wont stop talking about it!

I had the lucky chance to interview Shannon Symonds, Author or Safe House last week. She was also a domestic abuse and domestic violence advocate for about 15 years. You can learn all about that in her book, though it is fiction it is based in facts. Even though the subject matter is really tough and gritty, she tackles it in a "Hallmark" way- she says.

It isn't a fun topic at all because according to Shannon, at least 1 in 10 households has some sort of domestic abuse. That means, everyone knows someone, cognizant of it or not, that is being abused.

She really helped me understand the signs, it doesn't always start with a beating. It can start out subtlety by driving wedges between you and your friends or loved ones.

Shannon gave some great examples during the interview that you can listen to here: on YouTube

Here: on Anchor Podcasts

Also available on Spotify, Google, Breaker, PocketCasts, and Radio Public

I had once heard someone say that LGTBQ couples suffer from more domestic violence than Hertero couples, so I asked Shannon if in her experience this was true and her answer really was not what I expected. You can hear that answer, exclusively on Twitter, here:

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Shannon is a truly selfless person. I think everyone should follow with her great work with Operation Underground Railroad, an organization aimed at stopping child sex trafficking. She spends her free moments away from her job, helping teens with abuse problems at home, by organizing fundraisers to stop trafficking! She's amazing and I am honored to have had the chance to speak with her and call her my friend!

Please, share this information and podcast with your friends and family so that we can bring more awareness to this taboo and uncomfortable subject of domestic violence and abuse, so no one will have to suffer alone anymore!

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Visit Operation Underground Railroad's volunteer site:

" 5 stars

I wasn't really sure what Safe House was going to be about, other than abuse, and I was cautious, worried that it might be a heavy read. The book grabbed me right from the start.  I didn't want to put it down.  As I followed the stories of Emily,Kelly, and Grace, I found myself navigating a myriad of emotions, from fear to frustration, and hope to happiness.  One thing I really loved about this book was the Latter-day Saint theme spread throughout. It wasn't the only focus of the book, but it was an important component, woven throughout with characters and their CTR rings. It makes me want to go find mine and put it on again!  I felt like this book was realistic, gripping, and did a really good job of educating me about domestic abuse while still entertaining me. Great read!"

-Rebekah Pitts, Author

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